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Yukirin trying not to cry at Katayama Haruka's graduation





「Big Comic Spirits」 No.44 2014

Nogizaka46, AAA Joins "AGESTOCK2014" Festival Lineup 

Kazumin blog update 


Hello guys!

Today was the Handshake at Makuhari (convention center), thank you all for coming 


Forget to write were I got the shoes. They are from PAGE BOYS.


Yesterday, just like this time in Makuhari, a lot of people came to see us. It made me really happy (*゚Д゚*)

I was in the same lane as Kana!


It was fun! Thank you (σ´∀`)σ

Between breaks, since the SKE event was close, I got to go there.


Hidaka-chan (*´ω`*)

Thank you for taking a picture with me. She is super cute! 

I’m glad we are having an Handshake event every week 

Looking forward to the next one and to meet everyone again! (∩*´ω` *∩)


Now, I have some sad news to you all.

After a year and a half, my partnership with Tokyo Sports comes to an end. (´;ω;`)

Sorry for the sudden news. >_<

(Next is just a series of line about how much she will miss this job, how grateful she is for the opportunity and how everyone treat her very nice and so on)


Questions are back (only translating the ones I find interesting or just weird)

What is the source of vitality for Kazumin?
·· → Sleeping at work! Playing occasionally! Also the support I get from various people are also a good energy boost!

Recommend me a type of salt <(_ _)> 
·· → I was talking about this with a staff before, even tho Japanese salt is delicious, Himalayan salt is also super good! Pink salt is very cute! Bath salts also.

Did people ever told you that you resemble Asawa Akane?

·· → Yes I have heard that! 

If I asked for a Kazumin beam during Handshake, would you do it? 

·· → It’s a little embarrassing (。-_-。) (I’m so gonna ask for that if I ever get the chance haha)

(Final question, the person used a quote of one of her about salt, yeah she takes her salt very seriously lol. Basically she answer that rock salt are the best to use in lotus root tempura)

That’s it. Gonna give my all tomorrow again.

Goodnight …☆


(Ah…these brown eyes <3)


You know how in anime/manga there’s that episode where they have to do a school play, and they do a random assignment for the casting process, so everyone is totally miscast with roles that are opposite their disposition?

Someone should do an AU of that with the Korra cast.


and the magic begins  (trans  : ikoma sub)


One of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

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乃木坂46 ~ 遠回りの愛情 (Toomawari no aijo) ~ Radio Rip



Ikoma &amp; Komiharu~


Ikoma & Komiharu~