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All Baccano! titles, episodes 1-16

They kind of sound like newspaper headlines, don’t they? Just imagine some cute little newsie dressed like Czes screaming “Extra, extra! Read all about it! Everything starts aboard the Advenna Avis!” :) Clever, Baccano!

We love Perfume / 9.21 / Major Debut Anniversary

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Nogizaka46 10th single [Nandome no Aozora ka?] coupling song - Korogatta Kane wo Narase.

I Found it from Baidu. Thanks for uploader!

Kazumin blog update 


Hello everybody (*´ω`*)ノ


Honey Salon Sailor Moon merchandise is super cute! Check that out! (*∩ω∩) 

This week we had our first outdoor recording of Sonireko. Thank you to everyone that went to see us, from early morning until the night. I was really impressed by the support you gave us (´;ω;`)♡

I’m sorry my MC skills are not that good. Also I want to say a bug thanks to Mai-sama and our 4 other guests! ♡


This is our second year doing Sonireko at Fuji TV. Please continue supporting us \(^o^)/


I had an wonderful weekend 

Saturday was the Kyoto Handshake event (∩*´ω` *∩)

Guys, thank you coming! ♡♡

It’s been a long time since we meet! 

While I was impulsive buying clothes in Supreme Lara I forgot to take pictures to show to you. To apologize here is a pic with Iori-chan!


Her voice is just as cute as her!

There are a lot of cute kids this days! (*゚Д゚*)

I wonder if Karin-chan is going to get jealous? Fufufufu

She doesn’t have to be, because Karin-chan is special! ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡

After the Handshake ended I got to go to Rocchi house in Osaka for the first time! 

Since the next day most of the member had a day off we all went to the Harry Potter park! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ (Awn, my cute potterhead <3)


This is a very famous juice that appeared in all the Harry Potter movies. Although is called Butter Beer it doesn’t have any alcohol in it. 

It was sweet like caramel. Super delicious! (*゚Д゚*)

I really love Harry Potter! ♡

That day was all dedicated to Harry Potter!

USJ (Universal Studios Japan, the place were that park is) is amazing! Want to go there more!

The chocolate frogs were also good and had a very nice scent…


Did you guys watched this week Nogidoko (σ´∀`)?

I manage to complete mu challenge, reducing my waist by 5 cm!

Sorry about the funny faces, I tried not to breath at that time lol


Question Time!

Do you know gymnastics?

→ Yes! Since high school!

Do you eat bread or rice for breakfast?

→ Both!

How did you spend of your time in school?

→ Before high school was Kendo everyday. High school, even with the stress, was super fun for me (*´ω`*)ノ

We know that you favorite character in Sailor Moon is Mercury, so who is your second favorite? 

→ It is a Sailor Saturn! ! !

If you are not an idol, what part-time job would you want to do?

→ Work in a bathhouse! From what I hear from my friend, it is super fun (*´ー`*人)!

Do you like eggs over your rice? (Raw eggs, like you get a bowl of rice and just break an egg on top of it)

→ I love it! (∩*´ω` *∩)

That’s enough questions for today 〜(*∩ω∩) 


This past days have been wonderful. Meeting a lot of nice people. 

Now, since I’m done with work I’m going to the beauty salon.

Again I’m not gonna cut my hair that much, but I wish someday I get the courage to do it.

Here is a kiss face for you. Sorry if it weird. (Saving the pic as wallpaper)


Bye Bye ♪♪


A little speech before getting off the ramp…