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Kazumin blog update 


Thanks for all the support!
Thanks for all the work today!


In last week Handshake I got some pajamas (*´ー`*人) 



Its fluffy.

It was from the female staff of SoniReko…♪(her talks show with Maimai)

Back to the Handshake, thanks to everyone that came to see us (∩*´ω` *∩)

I treasure everyone one of you ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)


I was guity of being a cheap person(she saves every buck and is always looking for the cheap price) in this week Nogidoko (´;ω;`)

I read the blog post Jo-san wrote…thank you!(´;ω;`) Love you!

I heard from Bananaman-san that my habit of savings became news (*゚ロ゚)!!

I’m sorry that’s not very idol like…I will think about how to save water! (I think she is considering saving more than just a few bucks lol).

I’m happy that I’m still getting support (´;ω;`) I love you guys!


Today is the birthday of my beloved Maaya (*´ー`*人)

I’m really happy that she is by my side in this single formation. The MV shooting was difficult but thanks to Maaya I was able to laugh a lot.

Even tho we have some years apart, our mental age is the same!She is really a good kid (*´^`)♡

And I will always be her friend (∩*´ω` *∩)


This is something I did using some pics from my Maaya folder. I did my best with it.

So, that’s it for today.

I think Miracle 9 is going to air next week. I will let you guys know if it’s early than that.

"Poijin Pisu"



UTB+ 04.2014 - 衛藤美彩

Julianna aka Dancing Queen


Ugh she’s sooooo cute! I love Julianna Bear!


Reika, Naachan, Maiyan photocards

乃木坂46  白石麻衣  桜井玲香  西野七瀬


manga meme: (3/7 series) Orange

If you could go to the past or the future, which would you pick? I’d go to the past. I want to erase my regrets. Even if you can’t change the past, my heart would be lighter. That would better than carrying your regrets for a lifetime.